Air Venturi EC-3000 Compressor by Hill


Air Venturi EC-3000 Compressor by Hill

Product description

Air Venturi EC-3000 Compressor by Hill 

  • Max Output Pressure: 4,350 PSI (300 BAR)
  • Adjustable Output Pressure
  • Automatic Shut-Off
  • Runs off of 110V Outlet
  • Air Cooled
  • Automated cool down cycle during fills - compressor stops itself and restarts once cooled 
  • Digital Display
  • Output hose ends with female quick disconnect fitting
  • Adjustable Unit Display (BAR, PSI, MPa)
  • Displays fill pressure and temperature (in Celcius) during the fill
  • Integrated output filter with bleed valve
  • Ultra quiet - 75dB during operation
  • Length – 465mm (18.3")
  • Height – 385mm (15.16")
  • Width – 235mm (9.25")
  • Weight – approx. 55 lbs
  • Made in England

Please Note: The EC-3000 is recommended for filling PCP guns only and is not to be used for breathing air.

Hill is well known as the leader in hand pumps that produce dry air for PCP airguns, and now they are expanding into the world of compressors, with the EC-3000!  This is the compressor of the future.  Not only does it have an adjustable output pressure and automatic shutoff, but it is all digital, meaning you can control your fill pressure down to the last PSI or BAR if you want to.  No messing with a dial on a physical gauge, if you want to fill your Air Arms S510XS to exactly 250 BAR, set the output pressure to 250 BAR, and start your fill.  The EC-3000 will stop when you get to 250 BAR, and you'll even be able to watch it build pressure on the screen as it fills.  It's as simple as that.  

You can also adjust the display to show pressure in BAR, PSI or MPa.  That way, no matter what you are filling, you can ensure you are getting the right amount of air into your rifle or pistol with every fill.  Made in England by the cleanest name in hand pumps, Hill Pumps, the EC-3000 is made to last with minimal servicing needed.  There is an on-board filter to keep the air dry and clean and there's even a safeguard in place to keep the unit from overheating.  

In addition to the cooling fan, the unit is programmed to shut off at 75C automatically, until it cools adequately, and then it will restart itself and continue the fill.  This system keeps you from having to constantly stop and start the unit and also eliminates the need for bulky water tanks.  The unit is lubricated with silicone lube, fed from a small container stored on the right side of the compressor.  It takes low maintenance to a whole new level!  Almost as low as the 75 dB sound signature the compressor makes while running!  

Fill Times (all times include cool down stops):

  • Kral Puncher Jumbo (425cc): 0 - 200 BAR in approx. 7:15 min
  • Umarex Gauntlet (213cc): 0 - 3000 PSI in approx. 3:30 min
  • Airforce Texan LSS CF (475cc): 150 - 250 BAR in approx. 3:30 min
  • Benjamin Marauder (215cc): 1500 - 3000 PSI in approx. 1:45 min
  • Airforce Condor (490cc): 0 - 3000 PSI in approx. 8 min
  • FX Dreamline Classic (250cc): 0 - 230 BAR in approx. 3:50 min

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