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Eagle Vision Infinity Adjustable INS-30 | 30mm | PICATINNY

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Eagle Visions infinity adjustable scope rings are extremely high quality and beautifully finished. Designed with the goal of adjustability and range, these scope rings have a wide range of movement. You will no longer have to decide between high or low rings. This also eliminates the problem of long-range shooters running out of elevation clicks on their scope turrets. Eagle Vision Infinity adjustable scope rings are a must have for any air gunner!    

Includes a custom waterproof accessory carrying case.

*Recommended for FX Crown Airguns to clear the magazine height.


Hight: 60.7mm to 65.7mm (adjustable)

Profile Hight: 21mm

Adjustable Height: 4.5mm.

Weight: 86g each one.

Centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail:  36mm (in closed position).

Centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail: 40.5mm (in open position).

Ring size: 30mm