PCP Kong

PCP Kong | BIG Foot | 100V/130V Compressor

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Tired of going to the dive shop to fill your scuba tanks? Big Foot will solve that problem for you without going over $2,000. It's portable if you need to take it on a trip as long as there's a 110v outlet around. A great feature with this model is the auto purge. It's important to remove moisture from the line when filling. This one does it for you!


  • Max fill pressure 4500 psi
  • Adjustable pressure setting
  • Built-in double filter
  • Compatible with 110v wall outlet
  • Digital Display to show machine temperature
  • Auto shutoff
  • Auto condensation drain
  • Water / Fan cooling
  • 97 lbs
  • 22.83"L x 20.47"H x 18.90"W
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Use Distilled water
  • For coolant use Royal Purple Purple Ice Cooling system optimizer 
  • For oil, Royal Purple SYNFILM RECIP 100