AEA Precision Airguns AEA | Magazines (HP Carbine / HP SS / HP Varmint / HP Standard CE) $19.99
Fits: -HP Carbine & Carbine TD-HP SS & HP SS Plus-HP Varmint-HP Standard Customized Edition .22 Cal - 12 Shots.25 Cal - 10 Shots.30 Cal - 9 Shots
AEA Precision Airguns AEA | Magazines (Challenger / Challenger Pro / HP MAX) $19.99
Fits: -HP SS MAX (.30 & .35 Cal ONLY)-Challenger 24" Models-Challenger 32" Models-Challenger Pro Models.22 Cal - 12 Shots.25 Cal - 10 Shots.30 Cal - 9 Shots.35 Cal - 8 Shots
Saber Tactical Saber Tactical | 52MM BOTTLE CLAMP ST0030 | AEA AIRGUNS $59.99
Finally a PROPER Clamp is available for the AEA line of airguns. The Saber Tactical 52 mm bottle clamp Has rubber pads on the inside to prevent any marring to your bottle.  This clamp has picatinny rails at the bottom for you to connect your preferred picatinny accessories. Features: 6061 T6 aluminum Matte black anodize Compatible with: -AEA HP SS Plus-AEA HP SS MAX-AEA Zeus Gen 2-AEA Challenger PRO-AEA Terminator (.30 Cal version only)-Aea Airguns that utilize the 52mm size air tanks
Black Arts Design AEA HP Series Folding Butt Stock Magnetic Closure $36.00
The folding butt stock of the AEA HP series of rifles is highly desirable, but its inability to maintain the folded position is a problem. The Black Arts Design AEA HP Folding Butt Stock Magnetic Closure is designed to keep the folding butt stock of your AEA HP rifle folded until you call for it to open.
Black Arts Design Challenger Pro | Barrel Band $49.99
The Black Arts Design Barrel Band, AKA Barrel Support Stabilizer, reduces the likelihood of POI shifts from bumps to the barrel and ends barrel droop induced by moderators. Our Gen2 barrel shroud section houses two TPU bushings. These bushings allow for a very snug fit but still allow a no hassle installation. The lower section clamps to the air tube with two M3 screws providing substantial resistance to movement.  Material: - Carbon Filled (CF) PETG – CF PETG selected for low shrinkage, resistance to heat, andhigh dimensional accuracy. The addition of carbon fibers increases flexural modulus(stiffness) well above standard PETG.- TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane). TPU is extremely flexible and highly resistant toabrasion. Features: -The shroud section houses two TPU bushings to ensure a snug fit while allowing ease of installation.- TPU has rubber like characteristics adding dampening qualities to our barrel band.- No grub screws! The lower section clamps securely with two alloy steel screws and nuts.Nuts are held captive within internal slots providing a secure hold while maintaining aclean appearance.- Bolstered design along the circumference increases flexural modulus (stiffness) andaesthetic appeal.
Black Arts Design Zeus Gen 2 | Barrel Band $49.99
The AEA Zeus .72 cal. has power but that power comes with a price…it is loud! DonnyFL took on quieting the thunderous roar of the Zeus with the Great Kami. The weight of the Great Kami at the end of the Zeus’s barrel causes barrel droop lowering the POI significantly. Black Arts Design stepped in to end this droop with the AEA Zeus Barrel Band.
AEA Precision Airguns AEA | Magazines (Terminator) $30.00
Fits: -AEA Terminator Gen 2 ModelsPlastic Case.30 Cal - 11 Shots.35 Cal - 10 Shots
AEA Precision Airguns AEA | Rail Attachment Kit from $75.00
Rail Attachment kits for AEA Airguns.Short Rail:Fits AEA HP SS w/ 41mm Air Tube Medium Rail:Fits AEA HP Standard CE w/ 41mm Air TubeLong Rail:Fits AEA Terminator .35 cal w/ 41mm Air Tube Made of CNC aluminum

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