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FX FX Radar Pocket Chronograph $179.99 $199.99
FX Radar Pocket Chronograph Uses Doppler Radar to obtain velocity, energy and other stats Controlled via Android/iOS smartphone app Bluetooth compatible Runs off three AAA batteries Allows user to input variables like pellet weight and radar return If you’re looking for an affordable, no-fuss, easy-to-operate ballistics information solution for your air rifle, air pistol, airsoft gun or bow, FX Airguns has just the thing: the Radar Wireless Mini Pocket Chronograph. Powered by three, widely available AAA batteries, FX’s new chronograph is lightweight, pocket-sized and provides all the pertinent information serious airgunners are after, like muzzle velocity and how many foot-pounds of energy their projectiles are pushing. Because it uses Doppler Radar to calculate its stats, the Radar chronograph functions in all lighting conditions. It returns data in both audio and visual formats. It’s extremely easy to set up and it’s as accurate as other, often bulky, chronographs.
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FX Outdoots FX Outdoors - True Ballistics Chronograph $999.99
The Chronograph That Just Works! Imagine a chronograph that always works and that gave the actual ballistic coefficient of a round through multiple velocity readings; all in a compact portable package. No external triggers, tripods or external power needed, just a fool proof set up with all the information you will ever need for an accurate and true ballistic calculation.   The True Ballistic Radar Chronograph measures actual speeds at four different velocities readings from 0 - 300 yards to determine actual ballistic coefficient using G1/G7 drag models. This provides actual data in your conditions, info that provides the difference between a hit and a miss. What’s it worth to you to hit your target?   • No External Recoil Trigger Required • No External Battery Pack Needed • USB-C Reacharable Internal Battery • Small & Portable at 1.8lbs, 7.4” x 9.6” • Radar Tech Works Rain or Shine • Large LCD Display Screen • Optional Bluetooth Phone App • Measures from 400 - 4,000+ fps • Determine Actual Ballistic Coefficient • Shows STD Deviation and Spread • Indicates Subsonic Yardage • Accurate Data Avoids Costly Misses • Select G1/G7 Drag Models • Signal Strength / Interference Indicator
FX FX Radar Digital Chronograph Display $229.99
FX Airguns Chronograph Display*WORKS WITH THE FX CHRONOGRAPH, This unit does not have a built in chronograph*This digital display will sync up to the FX Radar Chronograph. It provides an instant velocity reading, without the need to even look away from your scope. The FX Chronograph Display connects via Bluetooth to your FX Chronograph while also allowing your chronograph to still connect to the FX Radar Smartphone App (to allow for its features).Besides showing the feet per second for each shot taken, the display can also be utilized to show magazine shot count, show thebattery charge left in your chronograph, as well as other forthcoming display options. The display has a built-in battery that is recharged via USB-C cord. FX Digital Chronograph Display Connects via Bluetooth Compatible with the FX Radar Chronograph Compatible with FX Impact and other air rifles with Picatinny side accessory rail
FX FX Archery Chronograph $199.99
FX Archery Chronograph Uses Doppler Radar to obtain velocity, energy and other stats Controlled via Android/iOS smartphone app Bluetooth compatible Uses three AAA batteries Can be easily mounted to bows with threaded inserts for stabilizers Weight: 5 oz Velocity range under 1099 FPS

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