DonnyFL EDGun | M14x1.25 To 1/2 x 20 Barrel Adapter A98 from $23.00
Adapters are threaded for attaching a moderator Thread: M14x1.25 to 1/2 x 20 UNF This adapter is about 22mm OD x 38.30mm Length. It converts barrel threads from M14x1.25 to 1/2 x 20.  Works on EDgun Leshiy 2 (use with aluminum handguard to mount on bigger moderators) Silver Does not come with a thread protector.  Features: 6061 T6 Aluminum Silver (no anodize)
FX Airguns AirMarksman | Carbon Fiber Bottle (NO VALVE) from $249.99
Description: - 300cc (.3 Liter), 580cc (.58 Liter), or 700cc (.7 Liter) Volumes - 300 bar fill pressure - M18x1.5 neck thread works with FX, AirForce, Rapid Air Worx, Edgun and many others!  - This item is the bottle only.  
Features hand filling palm swells for both left and right handed shooters. The gripping surface consists of soft, textured SUREGRIP for a comfortable & secure grip in any condition. Does Not include a plug - A Tactical Deluxe plug can be purchased here
EDgun EDgun | Leshiy 2 | Magazine from $89.99
Leshiy 2 Magazine Leshiy 2 OEM magazine  8 round comes with a retention magnet aluminum (.35 Cal is Titanium) PTFE coated for smooth operation magazine holder sold separately 
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FX Airguns AirMarksman | FX Style Bottle Valve $79.99
This USA made stainless steel valve is compatible with the following: FX Impact, FX Impact Mk11, FX Impact M3 FX Crown, FX Crown Arrow FX Boss FX Royale 500, FX Royale 400 FX Verminator, FX Verminator Extreme FX Maverick Fits any bottle with M18x1.5 neck threads. 
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EDgun EDgun | EaZy Fill Trigger $149.99
The EDgun EaZy fill system is a revolutionary step forward in PCP (pre-charged Pneumatic) filling.  When filling any PCP from a traditional compressed air bottle source, it requires the user to install the fill whip, open the valve, wait for the gun to fill, close the valve and bleed the air out of the fill hose.  There hasn't been any advancement with how this process is done - until now.   The EaZY fill has a hand throttle that acts like a commonly found compressed air chuck; squeeze the trigger, fill the gun, release the trigger and remove the probe.  The filling process no longer wastes air, makes noise when bleeding off the hose, and the process is much faster. Benefits of the EaZy fill system Zero air waste Quicker than traditional valves Adaptable to any PCP fill system  Quiet filing  No need to access the tank valve Clean Supplied with a 1/8 BSPP (G 1/8) thread that will adapt to all fill probe sizes and foster Foster fitting attachment Hard anodizing coating
EDgun EDgun | Leshiy 2 | Speed Loader $194.99
The EDgun Leshiy 2 Speed Loader is a step forward in the evolution of speed loaders; unlike previous homemade versions, this model is CNC machined aluminum and hard anodized. The unit is then finished in PFTE, ensuring smooth operation while loading and locking the individual sections. With other 3D-printed models, the speedloaders required the user to remember what bay (cylinder) is loaded. It was common to double load a port while dropping the projectiles in the hole. On the EDgun Speed Loader, the pellets are held at the top for easy visualization. Once all eight ports are filled, a lever drops all the bullets at once. This unique process adds ease and speed to preloading the Speed Loader. Hard-Anodized PFTE Finish All Aluminum Construction Unique Loading Feature Built-in Magnet 6 Magazine Capacity  Caliber Marking EDgun Quality 
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EDgun EDgun | Leshiy 2 Air tank | 350CC / 300 bar carbon fiber $299.99
EDgun Leshiy 2 Air tank - 350CC / 300 bar carbon fiber In order to extend your shooting between refills, a bigger bottle is always the first thing you should consider. This 350CC carbon fiber bottle allows you to enjoy longer your sustained shooting with the Leshiy 2. 190mm long and 65mm in diameter, the bottle is not as large as to bother the shooter as well, keeping your whole kit backpack friendly! Perfect design for Leshiy 2. With this 350cc bottle, the Leshiy 2 gains 260cc of additional air volume.     Installing the bottle onto the Leshiy 2 Degas gun - locate the bleed screw on the right side of the valve assembly  only crack the bleed; there is a detent ball under the grub screw after 100% of the air is drained, tighten the screw - do not over tighten  Remove auxiliary air tank arm brace - 4mm hex wrench place fill probe into the fill port - this keeps the fill assembly from spinning  Unscrew the auxiliary air tube Unscrew air tube coupling - find the flat spots of the coupling and use a wrench  ensure there is an O-ring at the bottom of the male M18 threads (18X2.5 buna 70) Thread on the new bottle hand tight Fill Leshiy 2 -check for leaks
EDgun EDgun | Leshiy 2 | Aluminum Handguard from $179.99
The Aluminum handguard comes in 3 sizes and has a full Picatinny rail on the top and bottom with M-Lok licensed slots on the side.     6 inch (150MM) compatible with the 250 barrel and 350 barrel in some configurations  10 inch (250 MM) compatible with 350 and 450 mm barrel in some configurations  15 inch (400 MM)  compatible with 450 and 650 mm barrel in some configurations Included with handguard  Mounting plate Longer Locking pin Screws  
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EDgun EDgun | REPR Adjustment Tool $24.99
REPR Adjustment Tool Pocket tool for the Revolving External Pressure Regulator (REPR).  This tool produced by EDgun LTD Russia is a must have for adjusting and servicing the new Leshiy transverse regulator.  Adds slight mechanical advantage, also can be used to remove the regulator cup if needed 

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