Rapid Air Worx
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Rapid Air Worx RAW | HM1000x Multi Shot Magazine $71.95 $75.00
The RAW HM1000x Magazine lets you shoot for longer and spend less time reloading. Buy extras and load them before you start so you won't waste as much time when you're in the middle of shooting. This version is designed to load from the left hand side of the RAW HM1000x. .22 Cal - 12 Rounds .25 Cal - 12 Rounds .30 Cal - 9 Rounds Works in both RH and LH actions Works with the RAW HM1000x Please note: If you're using a large sidewheel or have a side parallax adjustment on your scope, we recommend using the right hand loading magazine.
Rapid Air Worx RAW | HM1000x Chasis Rifle (No Shroud) $1,799.95
Capable of sub 1-inch groups out to 100 yards, the HM1000x by RAW Airguns is the ultimate in long range precision. The most accurate pre-charged pneumatic air rifle made in the USA has been designed with hunters and competitors in mind. The HM1000x combines reliability, accuracy, and American craftsmanship to provide a confidence in hand that is unmatched by any other air rifle. Rapid Air Worx has one of the most legendary reputations in the airgun world and for good reason: they are supremely accurate with the very best of Made-in-America build quality. Sporting a top-of-the-line Lothar Walther polygonal barrel, and an extremely consistent regulator, what really sets these guns apart from anything else on the market is their truly match-grade trigger. This two-stage trigger breaks at about 6 ounces from the factory but it can be set even lighter and still preserve the extremely crisp second stage wall that breaks like glass. Taken all together, this is a recipe for competition-level accuracy, and in fact, RAWs have taken top spots in more competitions than we can keep track of! The HM1000X Chassis rifle takes the proven HM1000X action and drops it into a tactically-styled chassis with M-LOK interfaces on three sides, keeping the weight down and the profile slim, while still giving you space for mounting all the accessories you could possibly need. The grip and stock are fully AR-15 compatible so you can switch them out for your preferred furniture, but most shooters will appreciate the adjustability and fit of the A-B Arms buttstock, that will accommodate virtually any length of pull and height of cheek.

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