FX Airguns FX Magazines | FX Crown | Maverick | Dreamline | Wildcat MkIII | Standard Side-Shot Magazine $49.99
 FITS: FX Maverick, FX Crown, FX Dreamline and the new FX Wildcat MKIII -.177 Cal - 21 rounds -.22 Cal - 18 rounds -.25 Cal - 16 rounds -.30 Cal - 13 rounds
FX FX Radar Pocket Chronograph $199.99
FX Radar Pocket Chronograph Uses Doppler Radar to obtain velocity, energy and other stats Controlled via Android/iOS smartphone app Bluetooth compatible Runs off three AAA batteries Allows user to input variables like pellet weight and radar return If you’re looking for an affordable, no-fuss, easy-to-operate ballistics information solution for your air rifle, air pistol, airsoft gun or bow, FX Airguns has just the thing: the Radar Wireless Mini Pocket Chronograph. Powered by three, widely available AAA batteries, FX’s new chronograph is lightweight, pocket-sized and provides all the pertinent information serious airgunners are after, like muzzle velocity and how many foot-pounds of energy their projectiles are pushing. Because it uses Doppler Radar to calculate its stats, the Radar chronograph functions in all lighting conditions. It returns data in both audio and visual formats. It’s extremely easy to set up and it’s as accurate as other, often bulky, chronographs.
FX Airguns FX Magazines | FX Impact | Side-Shot Magazine $69.99
 FITS: FX Impact .177 Cal - 38 Rounds .22 Cal - 28 Rounds .25 Cal - 25 Rounds .30 Cal - 23 Rounds .35 Cal - 18 Rounds
Eagle Vision Eagle Vision | FX Magazine | FX Impact High Capacity Magazine $113.99
Please note:this magazine is designed for slugs only. You may fit a pellet on them if the pellet diameter is not less than 5.70mm (we don’t guarantee). The spring’s tension is set to 2 full turns for slugs. If you are using soft lead pellet you may need to reduce attention to 1 to 1.25 of a turn. You may be unable to fit our magazines to your gun If you are using after market non standard or non factorry original part such as Brass Inlet Transfer Port . Before purchase this you need to make sure all your rifle part is original.  We do not accept return if magazines get dent or scratched for that reason. This is a high capacity magazine, designed for the FX Impact platform.  It is made from aluminium and cut by CNC machine.  Improvements include: Magnetic cover   Higher capacity Easy load  Secure pellet retention  Very smooth rotation Numbered shot count 22 (5.5mm) – 27 shots 25 (6.35mm) – 28 shots 30 (7.62mm) – 23 shots This package includes: 1 x 3mm Allen key6x rubber ball holder ***ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON THESE MAGS***    
Eagle Vision Eagle Vision | FX Magazine | Dreamline | Maverick | Crown | wildcat MK3 $74.99
Fits the following rifles: Dreamline (all models) Maverick  Crown Bobcat MK3 Easier to load Holds pellets more securely Smoother rotation Numbered magazine shot count   .22 Cal (5.5mm) – 18 shot (with magnetic lid) .25 Cal (6.35mm) – 16 shot (with magnetic lid) Maximum Pellet & slugs length 11.5mm flat head 12mm dome head please note: this magazine are designed to be load one at the time by rotate the round pellet holder in the centre you need to ~ ensure you block the hole from underneath with your finger.some caliber like 177 and 22 can remove the magnetic cover to load like new Fx magazine with short pellets. ***ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON THESE MAGS***  
FX FX STX Superior Heavy Liner $109.99
LINER SALES ARE FINAL - NON RETUNABLE PRODUCT   *This liner is highly recommended in order to get the best results with heavier grain slugs. In our preliminary testing we have found this liner performs well will slugs needing a faster twist rate to stabilize.  The groundbreaking Smooth Twist X barrel liner has been further perfected. FX Airguns proudly introduces the new FX Superior Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner (or FX Superior STX). The new Superior STX barrel liners are still created using the patented way of pressing the rifling into the barrel from the outside; but this is now done with a higher degree of precision, lower tolerance, and some other slight modifications that result in a superior liner to the standard STX liners. RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED
FX FX Impact | STX Slug Tensioned Barrel Kit from $349.99
*SHIPS WITH HEAVY SUPERIOR SLUG LINER The advancement of slug shooting and the enhancements to the FX Impact have shooters wanting to use heavier slugs at faster speeds. This requires a more rigid barrel to handle the additional energy and vibrations created by these projectiles. The new FX Tensioned Barrel System adds the firmness needed to let you reach the potential of the FX Impact with heavy slugs, all while maintaining the extreme accuracy everyone expects from an FX Airgun. Conceived and created by the famed airgun engineer Hein Frommann, who perfected it through a global collaboration with Johan & Fredrik Axelsson (Sweden), Matt Dubber & Roelf Vorster (South Africa) & Ernest Rowe (USA). The result is really showing off the brain trust at FX Airguns. From a barrel harmonics perspective, the tensioner system reduces the amplitude of barrel movement which results in better accuracy and more consistency. Secondarily the rigidness of the barrel becomes more temperature stable and will further hold zero regardless of conditions and to handle knocks to the barrel during hunting, PRS courses, etc. 800mm Barrel To push the boundaries of what small bore slugs can do, FX is introducing an 800mm Slug Tensioned Barrel for the FX Impact. This barrel will allow the FX Impact to shoot heavier slugs at the speeds needed to create a higher BC which will allow the Impact to shoot at further distances. All FX Tensioned Barrels allow the shooter to use a moderator. 1/2” UNF threads come standard on all but the .35 Calibers, which use an M18x1 thread. When installing the tension nut, tighten until the nut is flush with the carbon fiber housing, then tighten an additional quarter turn. Additional torque is not needed. Note: The tensioned barrel is not really needed for those shooting pellets as pellets use less pressure and produces less movement to the barrel (except for the .35 caliber that does benefit from the tensioner). *In order to get the advertised velocities (40gr. slugs @ 1040 fps) you will need an 800mm Impact with Power Block, 720 Power Plenum, Pin Probe & Tungsten Hammer Weight.
FX Airguns FX Bottle Valve Assembly $55.00
Fits on the standard metal and carbon fibre FX Bottles New design  FX Bottle Valve Assembly
AirMarksman AirMarksman 28mm Digital Gauge $59.99
Digital 28mm gauge with G1/8BSP threads. Reads pressure in bar. 300 Bar working max pressure. Black cover included. 
FX Airguns FX | FULL POWER BLOCK / POWER PLENUM Upgrade Kit $219.99
*This kit is for PRE M3 Impacts (Gen 1, Impact X, Impact MK2) As much as the power plenum stages the power capabilities of the Impact, the rear block handles that transfer of power much like a hot-rodded car’s ported and polished intake manifold. This new valve house allows better air flow, efficiency, and power potential. The Power Block works best for higher power, especially those shooting heavy slugs, allowing higher speeds and power. 
Sold out
FX Airguns FX | POWER BLOCK Upgrade Kit $119.99
*This kit is for M3 (non-power block model) Impacts.   As much as the power plenum stages the power capabilities of the Impact, the rear block handles that transfer of power much like a hot-rodded car’s ported and polished intake manifold. This new valve house allows better air flow, efficiency, and power potential. The Power Block works best for higher power, especially those shooting heavy slugs, allowing higher speeds and power. 
FX Airguns FX | Carbon Fiber Bottle w/ Valve from $299.99
FX Carbon Fiber Bottle  Compatible with FX Crown, Maverick, and Impact PCP Air Rifles Compatible with some Dreamline models* Includes valve            *Bottle adapter required for Deamline models*
FX FX Impact Slug Power Kit $44.99
*WILL ONLY WORK WITH .22 & .25 CALIBER* To further the Impact's ability with slugs and other heavy projectiles, FX Airguns is pleased to announce the release of the FX Impact Slug Power Kit. This simple kit brings some key modifications to the rifle to maximize the power and accuracy potential of the Impact, especially when using slugs.   Velocity increases are achieved in large part to the addition of two hammer weight spacers that placed in front of the return spring on the hammer weight guide. This allows for more compression on the hammer spring as well as adding more weight to the overall hammer. Working in harmony with this modification is a lighter valve return spring. This lighter spring allows the valve to stay open slightly longer which allows more air through to propel heavier projectiles like airgun slugs.   Also included in the FX Impact Slug Power Kit is a cleverly designed pin probe. This probe was developed in collaboration with World Champion 25 Meter WRABF champion Hein Fromann, his fellow South African Matt Dubber, and Johan Axelsson from FX Airguns. The result is an adjustable pin probe that is seating depth adjustable for your projectile (which aids in accuracy). This probe also increases the air flow in the barrel due to the pin probe design. The kit comes with a .22 caliber pin probe as well as a sleeve that slides over to create a .25 caliber pin probe.   INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqB3u4fW2Y0
FX FX Maverick/Wildcat Slug Power Kit $39.99
*WILL ONLY WORK WITH .22 & .25 CALIBER*   FX Wildcat MKIII/Maverick Slug Power Kit Adjustable pin probe for .22 caliber, with .25 caliber sleeve Heavier hammer Compatible with FX Wildcat MKIII and FX Maverick This Slug Power Kit will increase the power of the FX Wildcat MKIII and FX Maverick when shooting slugs and allow custom tuning with a variable-length pellet probe that adjusts via an Allen bolt in the rear of the probe.  The pin probe is compatible with .22 caliber versions of these air rifles, and .25 caliber versions with the included sleeve and O-rings, and allows fine-tuning that facilitates maximum accuracy. The kit also includes a heavier hammer that will increase the power and velocity of each shot to give shooters even more performance than the base airgun provides, with possible velocity increases of up to 98 FPS.
Designed to plug the cavity on the bottom of our Tactical Deluxe Grips. Securely press fits into the bottom and helps prevent debris from lodging in the cavity of the grip. It also functions as a shock-absorbing pad to protect the grip when setting the rifle down on hard surfaces. This plug fits-ERGO AIR | TACTICAL DELUXE FLAT TOP | SUREGRIP-ERGO AIR | TACTICAL DELUXE GRIP | SUREGRIP

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