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Product description

Please note:

this magazine is designed for slugs only. You may fit a pellet on them if the pellet diameter is not less than 5.70mm (we don’t guarantee). The spring’s tension is set to 2 full turns for slugs. If you are using soft lead pellet you may need to reduce attention to 1 to 1.25 of a turn.

You may be unable to fit our magazines to your gun If you are using after market non standard or non factorry original part such as Brass Inlet Transfer Port . Before purchase this you need to make sure all your rifle part is original.  We do not accept return if magazines get dent or scratched for that reason.

This is a high capacity magazine, designed for the FX Impact platform. 

It is made from aluminium and cut by CNC machine. 

Improvements include:

  • Magnetic cover  
  • Higher capacity
  • Easy load 
  • Secure pellet retention 
  • Very smooth rotation
  • Numbered shot count
  • 22 (5.5mm) – 27 shots
  • 25 (6.35mm) – 26 shots
  • 30 (7.62mm) – 22 shots

This package includes:

1 x 3mm Allen key
6x rubber ball holder

1x waterproof storage case


Please note:

This product will not fit the early model FX Impacts (MK1/2) unless they have been fitted with the adapter plate to accept larger capacity magazines.




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