Element Max | Barrel Band


Element Max | Barrel Band

Product description

AEA Element Max Barrel Band

The Black Arts Design AEA Element Max Barrel Band (AKA Barrel Support Stabilizer) is designed to increase POI consistency and eliminate barrel droop instigated by the use of large moderators. In order to provide a tight fit and provide an easy install, we built in 2 large channels to accept TPU (a rubberized plastic) bushings. These bushings give way just enough to permit an easy install while still providing a tight fit, and provide some dampening characteristics. Once snugged down the single M3 screw provides ample holding force to secure the barrel while eliminating barrel droop regardless of the moderator selected. ***Fits all calibers of the Element Max***

  • Material
    • Carbon Fiber filled PETG – PETG selected for low shrinkage, resistance to heat, and high dimensional accuracy. The addition of carbon fiber increases flexural modulus (stiffness) well above standard PETG and further increases dimensional accuracy.
    • TPU - A rubberized plastic with dampening characteristics.
  • Features
    • Robust design built for strength and stiffness.
    • 2 internal TPU (rubberized plastic) bushings are built into the barrel section. These bushings act as dampeners as well as aiding in installation without compromising a tight fit to the barrel.
    • The cap head screw is secured using a captive nut for a clean appearance.
    • Bolstered ridge along circumference of Barrel Band increases flexural modulus (stiffness) and aesthetic appeal.

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