Skout Airguns | Sniper Slugs | 100ct


Skout Airguns | Sniper Slugs | 100ct

Product description

    SKOUT® is a company committed to excellence in their products, including slug ammunition designed for the most competitive EPOCH® and EVOs® users. These slugs are specifically made to match the SKOUT® slug liners in size, weight, and twist. As a result, they are the best slugs on the market for SKOUT® Air rifle shooters. The SKOUT® Sniper Slug is highly consistent, accurate, and of top-notch quality, making it an excellent choice for any air rifle slug platform. It’s worth noting that all SKOUT® products are made in the United States of America.

    Each air rifle and manufacturer is affected by various variables that can impact accuracy, which means results may vary.

    Consistent weight and shape are critical factors for accuracy when it comes to slug weight. Extensive testing has determined an ideal weight and design that optimizes the accuracy of SKOUT® Airguns liners. SKOUT® Sniper Slugs are made in the USA using premium swages and dies from Corbin, a benchmark in projectile tooling manufacturing since 1975.
    The size of a slug should be uniform and compatible with the liner to minimize any variations. This helps the shooter to adjust the velocity and other settings as per their preference. 

         SKOUT® Sniper Slugs have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they fit perfectly with SKOUT® liners. The optimized diameter enables the slug to engage with the rifling without leading. SKOUT® Sniper Slugs                 are constantly checked and swaged to ensure accurate adherence to the specified dimensions.

    SKOUT® Airguns has collaborated with Corbin to create the Sniper Slug. After testing thousands of slug variations and utilizing Corbin’s extensive bullet design expertise, SKOUT® has developed an exceptionally well-balanced projectile. With the benefit of decades of knowledge, thousands of hours of on-range testing, and premium materials, SKOUT® Sniper Slug shooters can have complete confidence that they are using the best performance for SKOUT® barrel liners.

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