Eagle Vision | 75% X 25% GOPRO 5,6,7 Black, Firefly S8E | Universal Scope Holder Side-Cam kit


Eagle Vision | 75% X 25% GOPRO 5,6,7 Black, Firefly S8E | Universal Scope Holder Side-Cam kit

Product description

ou may use the ‘Firefly S8E’ with a 90 degree lens, (without any modification / changing the lens), directly with this kit – Secure the camera to ‘GoPro’ housing with the supplied nylon screws. The only downside you don’t have fully access to power bottom (one third its accessible) you may need to press that with something like pen.

This Kit

1x Side-Cam  75% to camera, (reflection), 25% passed to your eye, (transmission) system including a rubber ring and a 0 coil eye rubber cap. Ideal for a professional who aims for better quality of recording.

1x USH-46 the universal scope holder will allow you to connect any of our camera mounting systems to almost any scope from an outer scope diameter between 40mm-46.5mm. It will find the centre automatically while you are tightening it.

1x GOPRO Housing 5,6,7 Black + 3x MUN-1 It allows you to connect GOPRO 5,6 and 7 to your side cam (please note; you are not be able to use your action camera directly without changing the lens to 12mm or 16mm Focal).

1x Case The new waterproof case will allow you to store your camera mounting system tidy and safe.

1x Lens Air Pump Dust Blower For maintenance of the Side-Cam.

What’s the difference between
the 1/1.8 and the 1/2.3 lenses?

Both lenses are 4K

The 1/1.8 allows more light in.
The downside is that you cannot close the ‘GoPro’ lens cover and it’s more expensive.

The 1/2.3 lenses allow less light through.
The upside is you can close the lens cover and it’s less expensive.

Here are some valuable tips to help you record the best quality video:

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