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FX DRS | Classic Walnut


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FX DRS Classic Walnut Air Rifle

The FX DRS Classic Walnut 500, a distinguished masterpiece that seamlessly blends classic aesthetics with state-of-the-art airgun technology. Crafted to perfection by FX, this PCP air rifle boasts a timeless design with modern innovations, offering shooters unparalleled performance and precision.

At first glance, the FX DRS Classic Walnut 500 captivates with its elegant walnut stock, expertly crafted by renowned Italian stock maker Minelli. The rich, natural grain of the walnut lends a touch of sophistication to the rifle, while its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure grip for superior handling.

What sets the FX DRS Classic Walnut 500 apart is its revolutionary air tube barrel shroud, a testament to Swedish ingenuity. By ingeniously integrating the air reservoir around the barrel, FX has achieved a sleek and streamlined profile that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. This innovative design not only reduces the rifle’s overall weight but also improves balance and maneuverability, allowing shooters to maintain a steady aim with ease.

Inside, the FX DRS Classic Walnut 500 is packed with cutting-edge features and customizable tuning options, ensuring optimal performance in any shooting scenario. The adjustable regulator, equipped with the MkII AMP regulator, guarantees consistent shot-to-shot pressure for unmatched accuracy and precision. Meanwhile, the adjustable hammer spring allows shooters to fine-tune the rifle’s power output to match their preferred pellets or slugs, maximizing efficiency and performance.

Enhancing the rifle’s power and versatility is the High Power plenum, meticulously engineered by FX to deliver optimal airflow and shot consistency. Whether you’re shooting targets or hunting game, the FX DRS Classic Walnut 500 offers unparalleled performance across a wide range of applications.

The Superior STX barrel system further enhances the rifle’s accuracy and reliability, featuring a removable liner with precision-engineered rifling for exceptional consistency and sealing. Designed to minimize friction and maximize airflow, this advanced barrel system ensures unparalleled performance with every shot.

For added convenience and versatility, the FX DRS Classic Walnut 500 comes with magazine options and rails, allowing shooters to customize their setup to suit their preferences. Whether using the mini magazine for a sleek, low-profile configuration or opting for the mega magazine for extended shooting sessions, the FX DRS Classic Walnut 500 offers unmatched flexibility and adaptability.

Cocking and filling the rifle is effortless, thanks to the subtle cycling side lever and quick-fill system. With just a simple pull of the lever and a few moments to refill the air reservoir, shooters can enjoy uninterrupted shooting sessions with ease and convenience.

Product Specs

  • Caliber: .177, .22, .25
  • Weight: 500 barrel – 4.9lbs, 600 barrel – 5.2lbs
  • Length: 500 barrel – 927mm, 600 barrel – 1042mm (*700mm upgrade available)
  • Barrel length: .177 / .22 – 500mm, .25 – 600mm
  • Mini Magazine: .177 – 16 rounds, .22 – 14 rounds, .25 – 12 rounds
  • Air Capacity: 500mm – 208 CC, 600mm – 260CC
  • Smooth side lever cocking system
  • Superior STX Liner
  • Magazine depth 11.3mm
  • Fill Pressure 230 BAR (3335 PSI)
  • Muzzle energy: TBA
  • Pin probe style charging
  • Fully adjustable trigger
  • Modular / Short impulse
  • AMP MKII Regulator
  • 11mm Dovetail rail
  • Walnut Stock

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