FX Impact Slug Power Kit


FX Impact Slug Power Kit

Product description
To further the Impact's ability with slugs and other heavy projectiles, FX Airguns is pleased to announce the release of the FX Impact Slug Power Kit. This simple kit brings some key modifications to the rifle to maximize the power and accuracy potential of the Impact, especially when using slugs.
Velocity increases are achieved in large part to the addition of two hammer weight spacers that placed in front of the return spring on the hammer weight guide. This allows for more compression on the hammer spring as well as adding more weight to the overall hammer. Working in harmony with this modification is a lighter valve return spring. This lighter spring allows the valve to stay open slightly longer which allows more air through to propel heavier projectiles like airgun slugs.
Also included in the FX Impact Slug Power Kit is a cleverly designed pin probe. This probe was developed in collaboration with World Champion 25 Meter WRABF champion Hein Fromann, his fellow South African Matt Dubber, and Johan Axelsson from FX Airguns. The result is an adjustable pin probe that is seating depth adjustable for your projectile (which aids in accuracy). This probe also increases the air flow in the barrel due to the pin probe design. The kit comes with a .22 caliber pin probe as well as a sleeve that slides over to create a .25 caliber pin probe.

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